i legit have no idea why the CPR n/s thing is fangirled over?? she’s doing what she would have done for anyone??

It might be because she is actually doing something helpful and worthwhile. Fans have been waiting 680 chapters for Hinata to do something other than be 100% useless.


I just want to say that Naruto never felt this reassured in the hands of Sakura.


Just look at his face, holding my HInata baby’s hand.




Thank you Kishimoto for this touching moment and THANK YOU Perriot Studios for animating it. You all deserve a big hug!


If anybody wants to know the effects of long term crack-cocaine abuse on an unborn child, ^^here’s your proof^^^
Why the narusaku fanfom brings the “dates” Naruto and sakura had if they are just comic relief?

Probably because comic relief or not, they were still dates.

How many dates - comic relief or not - have Naruto and Hinata had?

Wow, that’s a big goose egg.

our narusaku lady gt is the best artist. better than kishi sensei. we don't need him because we have lady gt.


Good for you!image

So this is what all this LadyGT BS is about; a moronic self-asked anon comment from a pathetic NH/SS fan?

If all the NH fandom was met with a WW2 holocaust, I highly doubt the world would shed a tear.

Shit, their parents just might throw a party!

Not gonna lie


I genuinely feel bad for all the NS artists that are constantly overshadowed by all the ladygt fangirls/fanboys lately. I’ve seen plenty of nice NS art based off of the cover the past two days, yet all the NS fandom can do is suck ladygt’s dick. Don’t get me wrong, her art is good. But the NS fandom completely washed out all the other artist’s contributions. 

Shame. *shrugs*

And when Miley Cyrus came out, alll the other musicians just stopped recording because she was overshadowing them………………. Sadly rawrrsakura is still just as much a dumbfuck as the rest of the fandom she soils herself with.
all this drama for 615 animated and then naruto says that sakura is his girlfriend to his father. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. sorry 4 my bad english.


And that moment is going to premiere when??? Oh! With the handhold STILL attached to both Opening AND Ending

Oh what a shame.

I always get a laugh from InVitroNeko.

The barren woman bitches about other fandoms “clinging” to things yet she still clings to that handhold like it is her last aborted fetus.

The animation was PERFECT! I want to see NS shippers or anyone calling that platonic! OMFG!


Yes, because Naruto holding Hinata’s hand and keeping it on his cheek while he closes his eyes and smiles is so platonic.


And Hinata describing Naruto’s hand as comforting is also platonic.


Well of course to a NaruHina fan, things that are 100% platonic will look like they aren’t. There’s a reason why NH and SS fans are the lepers and losers of the Naruto fandom.

You mental midgets make mocking you too easy.

NaruSaku thinks Ladygt is a better artist than Kishimoto? You don't need him? LMAO. Without Kishimoto, Ladygt wouldn't even be drawing NaruSaku, since HE'S THE ONE WHO CREATED YOUR BELOVED "NARUSAKU" IN THE FIRST PLACE. Show a little gratitude you arrogant pricks. FYI, I don't ship SS, NH, or NS, I just get angry when fanbrats have this hoity toity attitude toward the authors/mangaka.

Bitch fits like this are hilarious!

A Gibson guitar is not the “first” guitar but it is considered one of the best.

A Stradivarius violin is not the “first” violin but is hailed as one of the best of all time.

A Porsche is not the first automobile but it is hailed as one of the best.

So yes dear kids with dirty diapers, it IS possible for a person or thing to surpass that which came before it.

I understand the majority of you are dipshit fucking morons but c’mon now, this is just beyond pathetic abject failure.


Can someone explain to me what is with the NS fandom and LadyGt? They act as if she has some “power” over what’s canon or not. And apparently some people are saying that her art is better than Kishimoto’s?? Do they literally have so little canon proof that they have to resort to an irrelevant fan artist? Guess so.

OH MY GOD A DIFFERENT FANDOM HAS A VARYING OPINION FROM YOU!!!!!!!! QUICK, BREAK OUT THE TORCHES AND THE PITCHFORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pop quiz hot shot. Do you want to take a guess what one of the highest compliments an artist can be paid? To know that they inspired one to surpass even their own talent. But since there isn’t a single NH/SS fan with any actual talent, of course you’ll bitch and throw a fit about those who DO possess actual talent.


NS are truly pathetic.

they actually think LadyGT is better than Kishimoto?

are you fucking serious?

can that side of the fandom just… i don’t even know… self destruct or something? 

if they really want to act like a cult, maybe they should end like one, too?

i kid, i kid, but really, GTFO.

NS-tards who worship fanartists and think they’re better than the ACTUAL  mangaka make me go like this:


actually, a majority of their entire fandom makes me go like that, but i digress….

If only you did do that…….right on a rusty nail……the world would be a brighter place for everyone.