Okay I am laughing so hard right now

NS makes the most stupid statements like always

NS is the most popular ship in Japan! Kishi stated that himself , Naruto loves Sakura! CPR CPR CPR CPR

Okay are they serious their starting again okay

NS the most popular ship in Japan? That’s already…

So we should go to American based Deviantart, Youtube, and a naruHina site for this prrof of something in Japan? We should also rely on two polls out of hundreds right? Hinata never saved Naruto’s life…….ever. Almost getting killed whilst leaving the guy pinned by black rods is not saving him. Yeah!!!! Sasukes English VA made a positive remark about his character! Like none have ever done that before…… Let’s all do the safety dance! Oh wait, Naruto’s Japanese VA said the character would like nothing more than to date Sakura. Odd, never heard of a SasuNaru convention being held in Japan. They do however hold NaruSaku conventions. Maybe one day they might hold a naruHina convention. If you can only cite two moments easily debated, it lends truth to the comment that Hinata has been involved in fuck-all of Naruto’s life. Keep at those ESL classes kid. They seem to be working.


I’m having the best laugh lmao

I love when NS and SK are like “Sasuke/naruto are not obliged to return Sakura’s/Hinata’s feelings” but they completely ignore that:

Sakura is also not obligated to return naruto’s feelings and their development was based on camaraderie and friendship. They’ve…

I often wonder if NH/SS fans know the rest of the fandom is aware they are reading/watching something totally different than the rest of us.


What happened in chapter 615 between Naruto and Hinata wasn’t just chakra transfer.

Dude, Naruto thanked Hinata, hold her hand, and stated she always stood next to him. Later was show that he did actually look at her and smiled while squeezing her hand.

Should I post the manga cover of Volume…

Dude, who were all those people Naruto was thinking about just before he thanked Hinata for reminding him his life wasn’t just his? That panel alone blows your whole “theory” out of the water like it was a toy boat in Pearl Harbor. Don’t feel bad though. Everybody knows NH/SS fans do not use common sense nor do they employ logic.


Cpr is more important than the Handhold ???

Lasted for a little bit more than a couple pages
On a cover
In the new opening and ending [ even the anime team sees the importance ;) ]

Lasted a couple panels

…That’s it.

It was never brought up again.

Which one seems more…

If it be something memorable, one time is all that is needed. If it be something forgettable, continue to bring it up.


SK/NS seem like illogical ships for this story. Especially this late when sasusaku and naruhina alreay had so many moments,confessions, reaffirmed loved and forwshadowing.

If SK/NS became canon

- Would Sakura and Sasuke pretend that her confession never happened?

- How would they interact and…

Sasuke rejected Sakura’s confession so it wouldn’t matter. People decide to just be friends every day. Some call it falling out of love. It really isn’t that difficult at all. maybe if you actually found a relationship outside of your pillow, you’d learn this lesson but to do so, you’d have to crawl out of the hermit cave you call your room and get a life. The same way Naruto already did; with a thank you and a friendly gesture. Sakura began accepting Naruto way back round ch12. Why would she have to hide? Hinata had no standing claim on Naruto. He isn’t a prize at some carnival. Again, if you actually had real friends and real relationships, you’d grasp this little fact easily. Given the fact that he actively sought out Karin in the first place and that of all those he’s wronged, she is the only one to get an “I’m sorry” it would appear Sasuke already has accepted her. Why would it matter? As long as all were happy with their respective others. Again, Hinata had no standing claim on Naruto nor anyone else. And if she really did care for Naruto, wouldn’t she want to see him happy even if it wasn’t with her? Or is Hinata really as selfish as she comes across as in manga? Probably with smiles and congratulations. The saying simply means “open to changing of the mind.” What reason would he have to question it? Nope. Seeing as Hinata never loved Naruto and Sakura never loved Sasuke, both girls were obsessed/ lusted after their respective guys. No reason she would act differently. By doing what he has been doing - writing and drawing. Of course it doesn’t make sense to you amSTDs. A person has to employ sense for something to make sense to them.
Dear morons who claim SS is abusive,


Stop it seriously it makes you look bad,claiming a real life problem on fictional characters.You have no proof but the crap,no shit you pull out of your ass.Until you use Google for you pea size brains and -5 IQ’s to look up what “abusive relationship” means SHUT.THE.HELL.UP


Often times, works of fiction are used to convey serious social problems. Shit, Marvel and DC comics have long standing histories in regards to tackling social issues such as drugs and abuse. So calling someone useless and weak, saying they will never amount to anything and that they are wasting their time is what……positive emotional support? Well guess that little thing called the Naruto series manga is shit. Odd that something regarded as shit has lasted so long and picked up so many fans. And bubeleh, before you go pissing yourself over the IQ’s and intellect of others, you might want to brush up on your own. A wordsmith you most certainly are not.
NS logic


Naruto wants to save Sasuke from darkness -> true friendship

Sakura wants to save Sasuke from darkness -> abusive relationships

Double standard at its finest again

NH Logic: Sasuke insults Naruto by calling him weak and useless -> Boys will be boys Sasuke insults Sakura by calling her weak and useless -> True Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of the fandoms logic Holy shit, the NH and SS crowd really are fucking pathetic. They have gotten more desperate every year. Thank God Kishi is ending the series soon so we don’t have to put up with their rapid nonsense.


Recently a lot of ppl are bashing SS and calling the pairing abusive. This comes on the heels of some sasunaru fans bashing SS as well. Am I missing something?

Why all this hate suddenly? Well i know we always get hate (all ships do) but i mean why all these attacks and annoying anon hate, much…

“Recently a lot of ppl are bashing SS and calling the pairing abusive.” People have been saying SS is abusive since round chapter 3 back when Sasuke first told Sakura he saw her as useless and weak. “note Hinata’s case. She is a secondary character yet she is given so much more importance than the rest of the K11.” Except for the fact that Shikamaru has more panel time and dialogue than Hinata does. Shikamaru has even been on more covers with naruto than Hinata has. “You see the thing with SS/NH is, the guys already know about the girls’ feelings, they already know that sakura and hinata love them and they already have been shown to care for, respond to and cherish these girls. ” So thanking the girls then leaving them - which both Naruto and Sasuke did - is caring for, responding to, and cherishing (which is really the same thing as caring) them? Damn, amSTDS, you really should have actually taken the time to think out your bullshit nonsense first but in typical NH/SS fan style, you just opted to stick your head stright up your own ass.


Where are the romantic NaruSaku/SasuKarin moments, the NS/SK fandom claimed to happen in all the last chapters?


The same place all the romantic moments NH/SS claimed to happen are. Shit you are stupid.

Art by AnJasiel

Funny. An image about a book that shows the entirety of the NH/SS argument - Bullshit.


Art by AnJasiel

Funny. An image about a book that shows the entirety of the NH/SS argument - Bullshit.